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Archived Webinar: Body Composition in Clinical Trials – From BMI to MRI

According to the WHO, obesity is an epidemic that kills at least 2.8 million people each year.  The number of obese children and adolescents worldwide has risen tenfold in the past four decades. [...]

January 16, 2018


How to Bolster Your Confidence and Productivity by Joining a Professional Society

Clinical researchers have a zeal for excellence and an innate sense of purpose. We care deeply about healthcare and we want to see lives bettered and saved. Yet in spite of this noble drive, the [...]

January 04, 2018


Archived Webinar: Key Takeaways from the New CSRC/FDA Meeting on Cardiac Safety and Cardiovascular Safety Issues in Oncology Drug Development.

On October 24-25, 2017 scientific experts gathered at the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium (CSRC)/FDA Annual Meeting to discuss cardiac risk management and safety assessment in oncology drug [...]

October 11, 2017


Medical Writers Solve Problems with Persistence, Patience, and Perfection

In the highly regulated world of clinical trials, successful core lab teams are comprised of proactive problem-solvers. Project Managers solve problems with timelines and teleconferences; Data [...]

September 28, 2017


Archived Webinar: Optimize the Imaging in Clinical Trials by Aligning Operational Excellence and Scientific Expertise

The purpose of most clinical trials really boils down to a single question: Does my drug work? If you're feeling really ambitious, you may add a second question: How does my drug work? Medical [...]

August 02, 2017


Driving Data to Help Patients

In this technical age, data drives our daily activities. How much data can my phone store? What kind of computer can handle all of my tasks? How many movies can I leave on my DVR before I can no [...]

July 11, 2017

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