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August 07, 2019

Technical Operations: Why you need this service

At BioTel Research, Technical Operations is one of many internal teams working with Sites, Sponsors, and CROs to provide cardiac and imaging central review services for clinical trials. Success in each and every trial is dependent on acquiring, transferring, quality inspecting, analyzing, and delivering massive quantities of high-quality accurate data, but it’s not just about the data. At BioTel Research, we remember that every heartbeat and every image comes from a person who has enrolled in a clinical trial and their data will ultimately enable advances in human health.

We use process improvements to proactively create lasting innovations and solutions. Technical Operations is one of many teams that leverages Lean Six Sigma and Agile methodology to allow BioTel Research to meet and exceed contractual obligations while providing excellent customer service. Kaizen workshops for process improvement, poka-yoke to error-proof processes as well as scrums and sprints to achieve results on time are part of our daily life and just a few of the tools we leverage for continuous process improvement.

Technical Operations works with every team and department (although not usually at the same time!) to juggle timelines and deliverables. New initiatives require gathering information from the teams responsible for a given process including Project Management, Incoming Data, Imaging Science, Regulatory, and Product Management. The common saying “It takes a village” applies to clinical trials too!

Success is achieved through passion and perseverance but also balance. Each week and each day brings multiple requests from sites and sponsors. Prioritization may sometimes appears mysterious or confusing, but at BioTel Research we leverage cross-functional communication to consider multiple factors when prioritizing the many urgent requests from Sites and Sponsors. Juggling competing priorities requires balancing the needs and expectations of the Sites and Sponsors while considering the resourcing, training, technology, and metrics available to the internal teams responsible for executing and delivering.

At the end of the day, timelines, milestones, and metrics are important but so are the people – not just the person participating in the clinical trial but also the people at the Sponsor and Site and down the hall. Our Technical Operations department is one of many teams partnering with our Sponsors and Sites to execute clinical trials with excellent customer service. We are all part of one team working each and every day to make the world a better place one heartbeat, medical image, and clinical trial at a time.


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Written by Rhiannon Gaborski

Rhiannon Gaborski leverages her biomedical engineering degree to oversee preparation of accurate clinical trial documentation as Operations and Communications Manager at BioTelemetry Research.

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