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How to Bolster Your Confidence and Productivity by Joining a Professional Society

Clinical researchers have a zeal for excellence and an innate sense of purpose. We care deeply about healthcare and we want to see lives bettered and saved. Yet in spite of this noble drive, the [...]

January 04, 2018


Medical Writers Solve Problems with Persistence, Patience, and Perfection

In the highly regulated world of clinical trials, successful core lab teams are comprised of proactive problem-solvers. Project Managers solve problems with timelines and teleconferences; Data [...]

September 28, 2017


One Year Post Acquisition and the Momentum Keeps Growing

It’s been one year since Biotelemetry Research acquired VirtualScopics, and I can’t think of a better moment to celebrate our many accomplishments. I’ll list a few below, saving the most important [...]

May 18, 2017


2017 is off to a Great Start!

To our trusted BioTelemetry Research customers and partners, Thank you for another fantastic year. All of your support and feedback helped make so many initiatives successful and valuable for our [...]

January 03, 2017

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