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October 22, 2019

Customer Service is Not just a Department

Nothing is more reflective of a company’s culture than its ability to communicate with customers. It is essential to ensure that we maintain an extremely high level of responsiveness and proactivity being in the Customer Support department as we are responsible for addressing time sensitive customer inquiries on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. That being said, so many of the most valued interactions are outside of the customer support department because simply put….

We Are All Customer Service Centric!

The concept of “We Are All Customer Service Centric” stems from the simple fact that we are here to provide the best possible service to our customers regardless of title, department, or role. Customer centricity is a critical part of any company and while that seems like a no brainer, where companies fail, or fall short, is in the execution of customers feeling valued.

Every single interaction matters when you’re working with your customers. It may be a 2-minute phone call or 3 sentence emails, each of these interactions are valuable in ways that may not be obvious or apparent. That interaction may be the only contact you have with that customer for the entirety of the study. While it’s easy to assume that it’s only one interaction so no big deal right? I beg to differ.

That interaction is so important because it’s the only opportunity you get to make an impression on that customer. It is here in that interaction where you separate yourself from other companies. It is here that you provide them the highest level of customer service that you can achieve and that starts with cultivating a culture of customer service. You create that culture by ensuring that all team members understand the value of our customers and each interaction. When a team understands the value of communication, they understand that each interaction is the most important interaction.

There are a few basic elements that should be a part of every office culture:

  • Civility & Kindness – There was a time when we would say hello to strangers and hold doors for each other. Even strangers can feel valued by simply taking time out of your day to be friendly and kind. Eventually this becomes the norm and random acts of kindness aren’t so random anymore
  • Empathy – Trying to understand each other’s point of view and the place where it comes from ultimately leads us to being more tolerant and accepting of each other. We may not always agree and that’s okay! Understanding where someone is coming from if they are frustrated is a key element to assisting them and aiding in resolutions
  • Fun – The ability to brighten someone’s day cannot be overstated as you have no idea what impact that will have and it just makes life more enjoyable. The more fun you’re having yourself the more likely you are to have fun with someone else.

This is something that we hold very close to our hearts at BioTel Research because we strive to not only build relationships with our customers, but also to go a step beyond that because we’re not just communicating with our customers, we are communicating with our colleagues.  In clinical research we are fortunate to have one major goal and that is to extend and improve human lives. From the CEO of a major Pharma company, to a study coordinator at a clinical site, we are all working towards this goal.

It is our goal that regardless of whom you speak or correspond with you’ll get a level of service that exceeds your expectations. Every person has the ability to make a positive impact in someone’s life. Whether it’s in the workplace or outside of the workplace we should all try to be kinder, laugh more, and remember what it feels like to make someone else feel good about themselves. If we all make an effort to make someone else’s day, I guarantee you that not only will your company’s reputation precede itself but your staff will be happier in doing so.


Written by Andrew Lopez

Andrew Lopez is the senior customer support representative at BioTelemetry Research.

BioTel Research, One Preserve Parkway, Suite #600, Rockville, MD 20852